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Dolpo Trekking

Dolpa outreach district of karnali zone in far west of Nepal It is biggest district in Nepal. Dolpa is hidden valleys of mysterious. It has been a tourist attraction manly due to Its unique natural object and mountain landscape. “The Hidden haven” Dreamland and exciting Dolpa, Lake of mystery. Dolpa has every possibility to be major tourist destination of Nepal. it is encircle by the Dhaulagiri massif south boarding homeland of amazing Tibetan Buddhist People and Tibetan plateau in the north. This place is full of the natural wonder and proverb. Dolpa is open for trekking in 1991. This rain shadow region is protected by the name of Shey-Phokusndo national park by the name of Lake Phoksundo. Here you can enjoy and find a well preserved ecosystem of plant and full of wildlife Blue sheep and snow leopard is main ungulate animals, likewise famous phokusndo lake, Kanjiroba peaks are alluring vista of the Dhulagiri Himalaya. phoksundo Gumpa dedicated to the ancient Bonpo religion and Bonpo tribal people are unique there cultural and social tradition. It is nature beauty and home of un explored herbal plant “Yarsagumba” (type of wild mushroom) believed to be improve health and fitness . This is unspoiled unique human civilization Buddhist culture. Famous Lake Phokusndo covers an area 7.6 sq km, 650 meter deep and it is located 3600 meter above the sea level.

Dolpa is rich of the surrounding landscape and vegetation with Shay-Phoksundo National park. High rugged rocks, snow capped mountain Bheri , Jairigad and Rapid rivers ,canyons large and small cascades varieties of plant, herbs 197 species of birds 32 types of mammals ,with unique culture social aspect and ancient regilious structure including Buddhist gumpa ,Gorges hills , Suilgal Fall (which is highest water fall) of Nepal are the stunning view and natural wonder of Dolpa that”s why the famous French film maker Erica valli chose this area for visualizing his Oscar nominee Caravan. Local people Thinly is selected for main character it is famous film in International especially in France. this is why Dolpa is an attraction of adventure lover

  • Itineraries of Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trek

Duration: 79 days | Grade: ****

Dolpo is located inside the Shey Phoksundo National Park of mid-western Nepal, behind the North side

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Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo Trek

Duration: 18 days | Grade: ****

Opened to trekking in 1989, the Dolpo region is hard to match for its pristine beauty and rugged charm

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