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Mustang Trekking

Mustang was kingdom within the kingdom but Nepal is already exercise in federal republic. Mustang lies on the leeward side of Himalayan range just out into the Tibet highland plateau, to the north of famous nature beauty city of Bokhara and Jomsom. This Isolated arid region has remained untouched for centuries. In the capital of Lo-Monthang and omnipresent prayer flags performing their eternal ritual, a trip into Mustang is bound to be one of self relation inspired by the ancient Buddhist culture. This area can be trekked all year round regardless of season. However there is usually 30 cm to n40 cm of snow in winter. This of course adds to the challenge of the adventure .this region lies in the western part of Nepal and it called this is the district of “ Hymnal pari ko Jilla “ ( means district of other side of the mountain.) . It is accessible by foot or by air. It is located along the banks of the Kali Gandaki river which is emerging from Deodar Kaunda.. It is divided into two parts namely the Upper Mustang and the Lower Mustang. Upper Mustang is largely inhabited by Managhi people and goes up to the ancient capital of Lo Manthang. Whereas Lower Mustang covers the part of lower valley along the Kali Gandaki river.

At present Mustang is a very popular trekking region in Nepal. The Home Ministry of Nepal announced the Opening of the restricted areas in October 1991. There is also strict control in obtaining a special permit from the Department of Immigration to protect their tradition from outside influence as well as to protect their environment culture with mysterious Monasteries and great Tibetan people. According to Nepal government rule should necessary at least 2 man with the trekking groups guide and potter.

Mustang is the only district in Nepal with its own King but now doesn’t makes sense. only people flooded The people of Mustang call themselves Lobas. Their house and temple construction all over the region use stone but mostly mud bricks that are sun baked. Some beautiful architectures in this region are the city wall and the four storey palace in Lo- Manthang. however for the permit is calm down in 500$.

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Upper Mustang Trek

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Explore Mustang Trek

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